Cycle-Average Emissions:
Conventional vs Hybrid Switch Locomotive

AMPS Proprietary Design

In 2013, AMPS’ extensive experience with a variety of locomotives and other sophisticated hybrid vehicles culminated in our new GenSet Hybrid GSHX 3380 Road Switching Locomotive. With the help of a New Technology Research and Development grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Alternative Motive Power Systems has developed the first gen-set package with a hybrid gen-set module in the road switcher/short line locomotive marketplace. This Multiple GenSet/Hybrid system is infinitely configurable ranging from Tier 4 GenSet only, GenSet Dominant Hybrid, Battery Dominant Hybrid to Battery Only. This locomotive will provide an ideal cost effective product to address emission reduction needs while filling the heavy duty application requirements of the market and is particularly suited to road switcher/short line locomotives. Some of the benefits users will realize include “zero engine idling” and “peak shaving” of engines during acceleration and hard pulls. This new locomotive design is currently available in switching and low speed Short Line configurations.

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The results of Emissions Testing conducted in 2013 are shown in the chart to the left: