Client: Hardwire, LLC

Alternative Motive Power Systems was responsible for Systems Integration Assistance (including wire harness design), overall Vehicle Control Architecture as well as Vehicle Control Programming.

The Army’s Ultra Light Vehicle (ULV) Research Prototype is a safe, capable, hybrid vehicle funded by the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD). The goal of the ULV project was to design, develop and build three identical lightweight tactical concept vehicles emphasizing occupant survivability while meeting four overarching primary research objectives:
TARDEC’s Ground System Survivability (GSS) ULV-Picture1-300x200group partnered with nontraditional defense contractors to bring to bear the full efforts of both. Solutions balanced the objectives of weight, survivability and cost. This was a high-risk, high-reward scenario. And since the program moved at an accelerated pace – only 16 months from design to prototype – a process utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, with room for new and innovative developments, were employed.




TARDEC’s GSS group partnered with Maryland-based Hardwire LLC to design the ULV. In addition, a number of key companies participated in the ULV project, including:

Alternative Motive Power Systems Roush Industries The Boeing Company DRS Technologies
Liquid Spring Technologies GKN PLC Remy International Inc American Traction Systems
Loc Performance Products Dyneema (DSM) Harris Corporation SCHOTT
ArmorLine Corporation Hutchinson Worldwide Navitas Systems Penn State University

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